The Alchemist Guild has announced Desktops for Mac. It’s designed to bring the experience of multiple desktops to your Mac with features to help you visually organize and manage your commonly used files in one location.

Desktops provides unlimited customizable multiple desktops. It offers three modes: full screen over the Finder desktop, normal window or as a menu bar app.

Groups is a Desktops feature that can help you save space by merging files into single icon that can be navigated without opening new windows or creating folders in the Finder.

The app’s Containers are like groups which arrange files as a list inside the Desktop to save space or visually organize related files. In Desktops a folder can be either a normal folder which opens as a new window in the Finder or as a Stack that you can navigate from a popup window in Desktops.

Desktops is priced at US$4.99 USD and will run on any Mac with 10.8 or higher installed including 10.9 Mavericks. For more info go to .