PlusUs has released the LifeLink, which it says is the world’s thinnest, most compact smartphone cable. It’s about as thick as two credit cards.

The LifeLink’s patent pending design lets it expand from the length of a credit card to more than double the length (seven inches), so you can access your device while charging and synching. Its red cable is toughened with heavy-duty Teflon to offer durability while still allowing 360 degree maneuverability and the ability to open to double its size.  

LifeLink is available for all Apple devices (Lightning and 30-pin) and Android / Blackberry devices (Micro USB). It will retail for US$24.  For a limited time it’s available for pre-order at for US$14 with the coupon code “getlifelink.” The price will continue to rise during the pre-order campaign. The product ships this winter.