ReOrient Media has released Infinite PDF, a new iPad app that allows professionals to appeal to multiple audiences with a single presentation.

Infinite PDF works by reinventing the traditional static presentation, a medium that’s changed little since 1982, according to the folks at ReOrient Media. It does so by creating multiple pathways within a presentation. This allows presenters adapt their presentations. The content they cover based on audience feedback, so they can deliver their presentations as a interactive conversation while still arriving at the same conclusion.

There’s no need to create a new presentation for each audience: instead, one PDF will do it all. To get started, users load their presentation into Infinite PDF, where each page becomes a moveable tile.

The user interface allows professionals to create a core spine in their presentation and to build branches above or below any topic in order to give it more depth. These branching pathways help users to prepare for and answer any questions and to be ready to dive into any topic. For example, during a presentation a user could tailor his message based on his audience knowledge level by jumping to more advanced or relevant content in order to keep the crowd engaged.

There is an array of software that exports to PDF; Infinite PDF works with all of them. Simply import those files via Dropbox, the Web, or from another app. Best of all, when viewed in legacy PDF readers, Infinite PDF’s files will display in their original format. The enhanced structure of the PDF becomes visible only when opened by Infinite PDF.

Infinite PDF 1.0.1 for the iPad is available now for US$9.99 at theApple App Store at . It’s designed for iOS 7; a version optimized for performance on iOS 6 will be available soon. For more information go to .