FileMaker Inc. has announced a “Buy One FileMaker, Give One Free,” a limited-time offer that allows those who purchase FileMaker Pro 12 (US$299) or FileMaker Pro 12 Advanced ($499) to receive a second downloadable copy for free.

Participants can use the free copy within their organizations or give it to a friend, colleague, client or charity. FileMaker Pro 12 and FileMaker Pro 12 Advanced let you create and use custom business solutions that run on Macs, iPads, iPhones, Windows systems, and the web. Both products offer built-in themes, Starter Solutions and design tools.

Buyers will also receive the FileMaker Training Series. It offers a way to master the essentials of the FileMaker 12 product line with self-paced learning materials, at no additional cost.

The offer applies only to FileMaker Pro 12 or FileMaker Pro 12 Advanced and is limited to one gift request per person, per household and per company between now and Oct. 23. The promotion is valid for the downloadable versions of these products purchased from the FileMaker Store and applies only to new versions of these products.

The free version is a fully working, not-for-resale version of FileMaker Pro 12 or FileMaker Pro 12 Advanced for Mac or Windows.. The offer is not valid in connection with any other rebates, discounts or promotions. Go to for more info.