Zivix has announced the launch of the company’s proprietary technology, the PUC, which allows MIDI-based digital instruments to be wirelessly connected to an iPad and other compatible Apple devices.

It’s now live on Indiegogo (www.indiegogo.com), a crowdsourcing platform that helps creative projects come to life. Users can attach the PUC to a synthesizer, sampler, drum machine or sequencer. The device makes the process of connecting these devices to an iPad simple, convenient and accessible to hundreds of MIDI-based music apps, says Zivix Vice President Chad Koehler. It simplifies connections by eliminating unnecessary wires and specialty boxes, he adds.

The PUC’s wireless CoreMIDI interface connects any MIDI’s hardware device to CoreMIDI-compatible apps like GarageBand, Animoog, NAVE and more. It wirelessly connects to iOS devices, connecting your controller using a 5-pin DIN cable. Either the Micro USB port or two AA batteries can power the PUC. For more info go to http://tinyurl.com/qbxzada .