Apple may no longer be investing in Flash for the iPhone OS, but says it’s Adobe that’s failing to offer an open standard. Apple indicated its preference for a variety of up-and-coming standards that collectively compete with what Flash can do, reports “CNET” (

“Someone has it backwards — it is HTML5, CSS, JavaScript, and H.264 (all supported by the iPhone and iPad) that are open and standard, while Adobe’s Flash is closed and proprietary,” said spokeswoman Trudy Muller in a statement.

HTML5 is a revision to Hypertext Markup Language used to describe Web pages; CSS (Cascading Style Sheets) are used to format web pages. H.264 is a video compression technology used in streaming video among other areas. However, as “CNET” notes, Adobe isn’t truly removed from these technologies. Its Flash Player includes H.264 support, and its AIR technology has built-in HTML and CSS support through inclusion of the WebKit browser on which Apple’s Safari is based.