A German appeals court has lifted Google’s “bogus” patent injunction over push email against Apple’s iCloud, reports “FOSS Patents” (http://tinyurl.com/la8tceq).

“In practical terms, this means that German iCloud email users get push notifications back in what I believe is just a matter of days (just a small amount of paperwork),” Florian Mueller writes for “FOSS Patents.” “And when all is said and done, the most likely outcome (by far and away) is not going to be that Motorola collects infringement damages from Apple: instead, Apple will (if it prevails on the merits) be able to collect damages from Google’s Motorola for enforcement of an injunction that shouldn’t have been granted in the first place. Google can file this under ‘Motorola Mobility acquisition costs’.”

All this is part of an ongoing legal battle between Apple and Motorola Mobility over alleged patent infringements. Apple says it believes Motorola’s patent is invalid.