Another day, another lawsuit. Apple and other companies are being sued for US$5 million in a class action lawsuit filed last week.

Jarret Ammer, an Orange County, New York, resident and the lead plaintiff in the case, is suing Apple, Pandora and Backflip Studios, the designer of the time killing game, Paper Toss, saying the app developers passed along his location information using his “Unique Device ID” — a numerical codes specific to his phone — to advertisers without his permission, reports “AdWeek” ( If that’s true, it’s a violation of federal computer fraud laws and New York state anti-hacking laws, Ammer’s attorneys say. 

“From the perspective of advertisers engaged in surreptitious tracking, this is a perfect means of tracking mobile device users’ interests and likes on the Internet,” Ammer’s lawyers charge in the suit.

Apple isn’t accused of selling the info itself, but of not properly policing app developers who pass the information along to ad companies, notes “AdWeek.” The suit does not provide any supporting evidence for the claims, the article adds.