Seapine Software has released TestTrack 2013.1, the newest version of its tool suite for managing product development. The 2013.1 release brings the power of the Mac, Windows, and Linux TestTrack clients to the browser with a modern, unified web application.

“The entirely new, integrated web client in 2013.1 is an exciting improvement for TestTrack users,” says Rick Riccetti, president and CEO, Seapine Software. “Teams can now work with requirements, requirement documents, issues, and test runs from one modern, powerful web client.”

TestTrack 2013.1’s replaces its three previous web clients — TestTrack Pro web client, TestTrack RM Reviewer, and TestTrack TCM Test Runner — with a single, unified application. The improved, modern user interface allows software developers and testers to create and review requirements, work with issues, and execute and track tests from their web browser, according to Riccetti.

Also included in the TestTrack 2013.1 release is the ability to visualize project information in dashboards created with the Seapine ALM Reporting Platform. Teams can use the dashboards to review and share team metrics and project status data from all TestTrack projects. For more details, visit .