Manhattan Edit Workshop (, a digital training destination for post-production and content creators, has announced a “From Editor to Preditor,” class, which will premiere on Tuesday, Sept. 17. Editors will learn the skills they need to become post-producers, and ultimately, “preditors.”

The workshop will be taught by Emmy Award-winning television producer Mark King, who has produced work for networks including ABC, HBO and ESPN. There are only a limited number of seats available.

“No longer are roles such as producer and editor mutually exclusive, making it more important now more than ever to be multifaceted,” says MEWShop founder, Josh Apter, who helped design the class. “Technology today lets creatives easily blend roles, fully realizing their ideas from concept to finished product. MEWShop’s Preditor workshop focuses on the techniques and technology used in both roles, providing a strong foundation for students to successfully fill this growing niche.”

Over the course of the class, students will have access to all footage and interviews that were shot for a segment that has already aired. Students will work with this footage to recreate the segment as their own piece of work. Following the same procedures a typical post-producer is required to follow, participants will submit scripts for approval, handpick the segment’s soundtrack and work with editors (fellow students in the class) to produce the final segment.

Throughout the process, editors will learn how to develop a good open and close as well as what the viewers need to see and hear in between in order create an engaging story. Students are invited to take their finished segments with them to use on their reels.

You can register before Sept. 2 for “early bird pricing” of US$1,995; after Sept. 2, the cost will be $2,295. For more info go to .