If you sit a lot — and most of us who work with computers do — you owe it to yourself to check out the US$99.99 BalanceBall Chair from Gaiam (www.gaiam.com).

The balance ball chair provides core strengthening, comfort and ergonomic back support and helps to improve spinal alignment and reduce nerve compression.

The Gaiam BalanceBall Chair is designed for heights of 5’-5’11″ and weights up to 300 pound. It comes with a professional-grade, anti-burst exercise ball and includes a desktop workout guide to provide an effective low-impact workout and stretching routine — in addition to the benefits it provides while you’re sitting and working.

The Balance Ball’s stable, lightweight base is made from molded PVC. The exercise ball itself is made from vinyl with no latex content. The chair has rolling castor wheels that are lockable to prevent movement when you’re doing the exercises mentioned above.

The Gaiam BalanceBall Chair comes with an exercise ball (which you can remove for other exercises), a support bar, and an air pump in addition to the other goodies previously mentioned).