InFlight Labs will introduce a new proprietary product — SkyBridge InFlight Video Communications — in the third quarter of 2013.

It consists of custom-engineered software application, which will provide “next generation audio/video communications” for pilots, flight attendants and air traffic control via Electronic Flight Bags (EFB), iPads, iPhones and smart devices throughout the aircraft and to the ground over aircraft Wi-Fi systems. With SkyBridge InFlight Video Communication, pilots, flight attendants and air traffic controllers can participate in face-to-face communications for the first time in history of aviation, according to Jay Bekanich, InFlight Labs spokesperson.

SkyBridge will utilize InFlight Lab’s InFlight 911 emergency technologies, which was nominated for the “2013 Safety Leadership of Year” by the Air Traffic Control Global community. InFlight 911 Services enables staff to send a GPS-based 911 alert to 100 “+” government such as FAA, FBI, CIA, TSA and emergency personnel within seconds of a crisis.

Immediately following the GPS-based message, 2-way audio/video communication and advanced text messaging (2,000 characters per text) is established between the aircraft and key authorities over the SkyBridge InFlight Video interface. All SkyBridge Emergency Communications activity is recorded and time-stamped, ensuring accountability. For more info go to .