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September 13, 2000

Web Confidential 2.1 for Mac and associated Palm Conduit Released

Macintosh developer Alco Blom announced today the release of Web
Confidential 2.1 for Mac with the Confidential Conduit 1.1.

Although widely imitated, Web Confidential is still the most powerful
password manager on the Mac today and is currently the only password
manager which is able to HotSync with a Palm device using a HotSync Manager

Web Confidential is an intuitive, easy-to-use program for managing user
IDs, passwords, PINs, registration numbers, and the like.

While Web Confidential is suitable for a wide variety of personal data,
from credit card numbers to serial numbers, Alco Blom designed Web
Confidential particularly for the World Wide Web in mind. “Increasing
numbers of Web sites maintain some form of user registration,” points out
Blom. “You may not realize it, but in the course of time you may registered
at a couple of dozen sites. Do you remember the passwords you entered for
all of them?”

Web Confidential allows Web surfers to store URLs, user IDs, and passwords
in one secure location. Web Confidential can automate the process of
logging into a password-secured Web page by automatically passing URL, user
ID, and password to your Web browser.

For opening pages containing personal account information at commercial
sites, Web Confidential allows you to automatically fill in WWW Forms with
user ID and password fields.

To ensure the personal information stored in Web Confidential remains
confidential, the program’s password files can be encrypted using
state-of-the-art encryption technology.

Blom has released Web Confidential as shareware. After a trial period of
thirty days, users are encouraged to register the program for US$20.

The Home Page of Web Confidential is:


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Alco Blom

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