From Jordan Dea-Mattson, Apple Evangelism

Dear Friends –

You have probably read the latest ‘hit piece’ that appeared in Fortune
Magazine’s latest issue. This is Apple’s response. Not much that I can add.
It really sums things up.



Date: 02/20

Letter to the Editor,
Fortune Magazine

Dear John,

We must confess to being more than a bit confused by your highly
melodramatic story about Apple (“Something’s Rotten in Cupertino”). Much
of your March 3, 1997 article is based on speculation from an individual
who even you characterize as a frequently unreliable source, and then your
supporting evidence is almost entirely unattributed quotations. We expect
better from Fortune. So, allow us to provide an attributed quotation about
the story’s thesis and suppositions from one of its key figures, Steve
Jobs, “The Fortune article is pure fantasy. I am very happy as CEO of
Pixar and I am not, repeat not, looking for another job.”

Best regards,

David F. Harrah
Director, Corporate Public Relations
Apple Computer, Inc.
1 Infinite Loop
Cupertino, CA 95014
408 974-2206