Pariahware has announced Elastic Web Page 1.0, a companion to its Elastic Window tool, also for the Xojo development tool.

Elastic Web Page is a series of classes that allows a developer to change a web page to an Elastic Web Page. This allows controls to be resized proportionally with the web browser at runtime.

Elastic Web Page comes with: the source code license, support for all web controls, the ability to Ignore controls, the ability to find out which controls are being ignored, and the capability to avoid having to manually adjust controls. A developer adds the Elastic Web Page classes to their project and changes the Web Page super from Web Page to Elastic Web Page and recompiles.

Pariahware’s Elastic Web Page uses a royalty-free, per-seat, licensing mechanism, which means that each developer using the Elastic Web Page in the Xojo IDE needs to have a license. There is no fee for web pages developed with Elastic Web Page. The list price for Elastic Web Page is US$150; Elastic Web Page requires Xojo 2013 R2. For more info go to .