GameSalad ( — makers of GameSalad Creator, a free, groundbreaking, visually-based game creation software platform that enables any user to develop games without prior programming knowledge, has unveiled a new “Free to Make” subscription program for developers looking to publish to iOS, Mac, or the Web.

GameSalad has invented the “Free to Make” model by offering the Basic subscription at no cost to users. They have also announced a new Professional level account, which includes additional monetization features like iADs and promotional links, available today at the cost of US$499 a year. Developers will continue to publish games under their personal Apple iPhone Developer accounts, which will still be required in order to publish and test their iOS creations on Apple devices.

“By introducing the ‘Free to Make’ model, we’re holding true to what really sets GameSalad apart from everyone else,” says Steve Felter, recently named CEO of GameSalad. “Making game design accessible to everyone is our top priority. GameSalad 0.9.0 is our biggest and best update ever – and it’s just the beginning. This is the foundation for building the ultimate game creation tool.”

Current Express and Pro users will have the option of upgrading to the new Professional membership for $99 for the first year. This “Legacy User Upgrade Offer” expires Dec 31. Both the Basic and Professional accounts are available starting today at GameSalad’s website.

Also available now is GameSalad 0.9.0 Beta, which features an entirely redesigned Dashboard and Publishing Wizard.