Pepper 3.6.1 released

Today Hekkelman Programmatuur b.v. has released Pepper 3.6.1, an update for
the powerful text editor for both MacOS X and MacOS 9. This update fixes
some of the problems reported on MacOS X and adds a commandline launcher.

Pepper is a very powerful text editor targeted at programmers, html writers
and scripters, yet Pepper’s friendly user interface allows anyone to use
its power quickly and easily.

Pepper comes with language support for 12 different languages and has a
very long list of features that rivals those of all other editors. Most
notably Pepper comes with support for unlimited file sizes, can manipulate
rectangular ranges of text and Pepper has a worksheet that allows the
execution of shell commands from within Pepper. And Pepper runs natively on
MacOS X, now.

System requirements for Pepper are, 5 Mb of disk space, MacOS X or MacOS 9
with CarbonLib 1.2.5.

Pepper is distributed as shareware, it costs only USD 45. The upgrade is
free for all current users of Pepper for MacOS and users of Pe for BeOS can
upgrade for only USD 25.

Hekkelman Programmatuur b.v. is a Dutch company specialized in developing
powerful software for programmers. Among the products developed are Pepper,
Pe–a popular text editor for BeOS and bdb the source level debugger for


Maarten L. Hekkelman
Hekkelman Programmatuur bv