A thriller adventure, Righteous Kill has launched on the Mac App Store, courtesy of G5 Entertainment and Starz Media. You can try the game for free and unlock the full version for US$2.99 through June 13 (it’s regularly $4.99).

Here’s how the game is described: “The game is a hidden object mystery inspired by the film of the same name. You are a police detective in NY and have been just assigned to Vigilante Unit, a squad created to apprehend people who decide to take the law into their own hands. Your first case puts you on the trail of a husband who’s suspected of trying to kill the people responsible for murdering his wife and daughter.

“It’s up to you to find this man before he commits any more heinous crimes and bring him to justice. Follow the twists of the story and find out the truth about the killer. Search over 70 locations through 15 animated levels, play forensic based mini-games, find all the clues and stop the creep before he has another opportunity to kill!

“Righteous Kill has over a thousand of hidden objects and a ton of intricate puzzles, like comparing security camera footage, finding fingerprints and setting firewalls to trap Internet signals, to involve you into investigation. Nice touches as voice-over dialogues and special sound effects create a perfect atmosphere for the game.”

Righteous Kill is available for download at http://tinyurl.com/leqmxnm. Originally the game was developed for the PC by Starz Media. Righteous Kill is also available on the iPhone, iPad, Google Play, Kindle Fire and Nook.