Today at Computex, Intel ( unveiled new processors — dubbed “Haswell” — that scale all the way from thinner tablets to touch notebooks to the highest-end workstations.  And just in time for Apple’s Worldwide Developer Conference, which runs next week. Make of that what you will.

The new line of processors are Intel’s fourth gneration of processors. Their silicon can go as low as six watts, measured by SDP (system design power), “a dramatic decrease,” according to “Forbes” ( Haswell also supported “connected standby, where your information will always be fresh three times longer and also improved battery life by up to 50%,” the article adds.

Intel also beefed up the graphics performance on its more expensive configurations called “Iris Pro,” by adding eDRAM.  “Adding discrete graphics memory really helps with performance because you are using dedicated, not shared memory which improves latency and bandwidth,” says “Forbes.” “This now gives Intel access to the mid-range graphics market it never had.”