LikeMac Group ( has released Disk Order 3.2.4, an update of the double-pane file manager for OS X with advanced features. A Dropbox plug-in is now included.

It makes it possible to browse through files on a server, download and upload, or even view and edit them. Simple file dropping is also supported.

Disk Order is designed to makes file management easy. It lets you browse archives like regular folders, connect to FTP(S) servers, view/edit files and other. It’s also supplied with plugins which allow to download music from iPod/iPhone/iPad, provide Dropbox support and enable other useful features.

Disk Order 3.2.4 requires Mac OS X 10.5 or higher and an Intel Mac. It can be downloaded free of charge on 30-day trial term basis. The full version can be purchased for US$29.95.