Reinvented Software ( has announced Together 3.0 for Mac OS X. The new version adds thumbnails, tab expose, stationery, history, autosave and versions, along with improved favorites, previews and Shelf, all wrapped up in a smart new design. Also, exclusive to the Mac App Store version, Together 3 can now sync libraries with iCloud.

Together 3 requires Mac OS X 10.8 or later and is available with iCloud support from the Mac App Store, or without iCloud as a 15-day trial from the Reinvented Software web site. Version 3.0 is a paid upgrade for all previous versions of Together.

A full license will cost US$39.99 and an upgrade (not available from the Mac App Store) is $19.99, with free upgrades for anyone for purchased Together 2.x from the Reinvented Software web site within three months of version 3.0’s release. For 15 days after Together 3’s launch, the Mac App Store version will be available for just $19.99.