Akitio has released a new 256GB, one-bay, bus-powered Thunderbolt storage solution. It’s a follow-up to the company’s 120GB SSD solution, which was previously launched in 2012.

Akitio has upgraded the 120GB SSD to meet the demand of consumers by rising up to the challenge and offering an upgraded 256 GB SSD version of the Neutrino Thunderbolt, says Richard Wright, director of Global Distribution, Akitio. In addition, the 256 GB version is the fastest one bay bus powered external storage device on the market today with 464 MB/s data transfer speeds, he adds.

Akitio’s 256 GB Neutrino Thunderbolt Edition is available for purchase at an manufacturer’s suggested retail starting price of US$339.99. It can be found at Akitio.com, as well as Amazon.com and other various Akitio retailers and distributors.