Chiaro Software has introduces Metropolis, a WordPress client for Mac OS X. It costs US$19.99 and requires Mac OS X 10.4 or higher.

Metropolis comes with several features, like the possibility to edit posts and pages using a full featured WYSIWYG editor and/or a HTML editor with syntax coloring support. It also allows you to edit, approve and reply to comments. Other minor features include the possibility to create a custom preview template, offline support, full screen support and more.

New comments will appear on Mountain Lion’s Notification Center. For older versions of Mac OS X, there’s a new comment notification similar to Growl. Metropolis is also integrated to Twitter and Users can see who tweeted the link to their blog posts and even generate random names from the results. Results can be saved for future reference.

You can download Metropolis at the Chiaro Software web site ( A seven-day, demo version is available for download.