Drylab R&D has introduced Dailies Creator 1.0 for Mac OS X. The app “ingests” newly created digital video files, transcodes them into H.264, organizes footage into Shots, Scenes, and Takes, embeds Camera Report metadata, and performs encrypted distribution of the resulting iPad-ready dailies via WiFi or Dropbox.

Tailored to the needs of professional DITs working on-set or in post, Dailies Creator interfaces with two iOS apps, Dailies Viewer and Cam Report, to form a complete system. You can import all common QuickTime files and export H.264 (640 pixels wide)

Dailies Creator requires Mac OS X 10.7.3. It costs US$69.99 and available exclusively through the Mac App Store in the Video category (http://tinyurl.com/blsvz8z). Dailies Viewer 1.0 for iOS is $69.99 in the Photo & Video category of the Apple App Store, and Cam Report for iOS is $29.99. Creator can be extended with an in-app purchase to support up to 50 paired iPads per production.