Maxthon has released Maxthon Cloud Browser (Preview), a product “designed to provide users with a seamless and unified user experience across multiple devices and platforms. ”

Maxthon Cloud Browser works on Mac OS X, iOS Windows, and Android operating system and allows users to access and push web content such as images, videos and text to and from any of their devices. It’s available at .
Maxthon Cloud backs up users’ web downloads in the cloud, making it possible to access them locally and from any of their devices using any operating system. According to Maxthon CEO Jeff Chen, Maxthon Cloud Browser’s engine, C4, is a fast and powerful pushing, storage and syncing engine that has high-performance cloud backup and syncing capabilities.

The most common actions and processes are standardized across devices and platforms, he adds. Maxthon Cloud Browser allows users easily to learn something once and then do it the same way on other devices, says Chen.