Native Instruments ( has introduced a new generation of Traktor Remix Sets set up for immediate use with the latest Traktor software with Remix Deck technology.

These loops and one-shot sample packs provide DJs of different musical genres with complete tracks for enhancing sets, jamming and live remixing. The Twisted Sister’ Remix Set provides DJs with 64 loops and one-shot-samples divided into different sections, identified by groups, pages and colors. All pages contain the original track split into four use groups for drums (red), bass (pink), synthesizer lead (green) and sound effects/vocals (blue).

While pages 1 and 2 contain the key elements of a track, pages 3 and 4 are the performance pages providing performable synths and additional vocal shots. Traktor’s Remix Decks were introduced with the new version of NI’s flagship DJ software Traktor PRO 2.5, which came as a free update for all existing users of Traktor PRO 2. R

Each regular track deck within Traktor PrpO 2 and Traktor Scratch Pro 2 can be switched to a Remix Deck. All Traktor Remix Sets are available for under US$4.99.