Creaceed ( has released Prizmo 2 on the Mac App Store. It’s an update of the company’s scanning app.

The upgrade offers: specific processing for text documents, business cards and images; support for multipage documents; support for screenshots through an automatic resolution increase; automatic page frame detection; text editing and correction; and more. OCR can now be performed on texts previewed on the screen (even if usually unselectable). Also, recognized texts can be read using text-to-speech technology.

Prizmo 2 costs US$49.99, and Prizmo 2 including the Pro Pack costs $99.99 through the Creecead online store ( Registered users of Prizmo 1 can upgrade to Prizmo 2 at 50% off by using their Prizmo 1 serial as a coupon code.

Prizmo 2 is also available on the Mac App Store at 50% off for two weeks ($24.99). The Pro Pack is also available at 50% off through in-app purchase for the same period ($24.99).