KeynotePro has introduced Mojave AG for Keynote ’09, Apple’s presentation software.

Mojave AG is a set of two themes featuring-textured backgrounds in a contemporary framework: Mojave Air, an ethereal blue-green set over a textured cloud-bank, and Mojave Ground, blending aerial desert topography with a neutral Southwestern palette. The Mojave themes each include 27 master slides, a mix of narrative-oriented and image-driven masters in the Mojave style.

Mojave AG HD, available exclusively in the Pro Edition, expands the styles into HD format with aspect-optimized 16:9 and 16:10 versions of each theme. Each of the the Mojave AG themes are iOS Quick-Launch enabled,so you can launch a new presentation directly onto your mobile device from your KeynotePro Account to author presentations on the go using an iPad or iPhone (internet connection required).

Mojave AG Standard Edition is available for immediate download for US$24.95 or in a bundle with two other Standard Edition themes for $64.95. Mojave AG Pro Edition contains both standard and HD themes (800×600 & 1024×768(4:3) SD Versions, 1920×1080 and 1280×720(16:9) & 1680×1050(16:10) HD Versions), and are available for $34.95, or in a bundle with two other Pro Edition themes for $89.85. Mojave AG is available for iOS Quick Launch from within the customer accounts area of the site via mobile browsers on iOS devices, and is available with either edition. For more info go to .