Neccessory says its new HiLO Lens iPhone and iPad camera accessory has launched on Kickstarter. It’s a right angle lens available for the iPhone and iPad.

The HiLO Lens offers functionality like the swivel/rotating screen common on modern digital cameras. It redirects the camera 90 degrees so it becomes easy to get more creative angles in your photos, says Mark Hampton the creator of HiLO Lens.

The Kickstarter crowdfunding campaign has been launched to bring HiLO Lens into production. Anyone can back the HiLO Lens project on Kickstarter, a crowd-funding site, and receive one of the first HiLO Lens to be produced.

Backers on Kickstarter can pre-purchase HiLO Lens now. Only after backers pledge a total of US$27,500 on Kickstarter will the pledges be collected, then the initial production run will be made. If the funding goal is not reached then backer’s pledges are not collected. Backers can pre-order the HiLO Lens for $60 on Kickstarter ( If the Kickstarter campaign is successful then In 2013 the HiLO Lens will retail for $79.95