Here are the latest iPhone/iPod touch/iPod/iPad apps. You can find ’em at the Apple App Store (

Kukarika has announced Memory Seasons: Halloween Edition 1.0. It’s a free app for training your memory. Pumpkins, dark witches, little red devils, crazy ghosts and more challenges await you.

EZWriter has released ClassiCard 1.0. The US$0.99 photo app allows you to take a picture either from your camera or an existing photo in your library and add a classic postcard effect to it as well as the location that you took it.

Ziggytech Mobile Apps has introduced Simply Write 1.0 for the iPad. The $0.99 provides users with a way to do things from jotting down small memos to crafting full journals while on the go.

Mongol Content has produced Magnet Boy. The free game challenges players to gather up robot parts while using momentum and the laws of magnetics to maneuver around obstacles and complete stages as quickly as possible.

Cyril Gaillard has unveiled Becoming Mr President — US Trivia 1.0. Users choose and assist candidates through ten American cities by answering a series of questions. Trivia subjects include U.S. politics, sports, movies, geography, history and slang. Becoming Mr President is free for the first city. Users can purchase the full version, which includes all cities, for $3.99

RCS LT has launched Magic Relax 1.0 for the iPhone. The $1.99 app is designed to serve as a personalized relaxation assistant. It features eight relaxation programs.

Portable Pixels has debuted Alien Hatchi, a modernized, full-color version of Portable Pixels’ Hatchi. It’s a $0.99,retro-looking Tamagotchi-style app in which users feed, clean, play with and look after their Hatchis pets.

eFusion has unleashed Karate Bear 1.0. In the free action game, you help Karate Bear smash and clear all jiggle tile icons in minimum time and make the best score.

AppWorks has scared up Ghosts!!+ 1.0. The $0.99 app allows the user to add ghosts and other Halloween creatures to their photos and share them with friends.

TapForApp has presented QR-Scan 1.0. Its’a $0.99 QR code scanner that allows you to scan and read QR codes.

Gopher Apps has bounced out Hoops! Free Arcade Basketball 1.0. In the free basketball arcade game, you use your finger to shoot balls into a moving basket.

Fortunacus Lucas Game has rolled out Tiny Tank Combat 1.0. The free combat game takes players on a retro style battlefields where players must strategize and blast their way against the opponents in increasingly challenging battles.