Satechi has announced the 4-Port USB Strip and Pocket Hubs. The 2.0 4-Port USB Strip and Pocket Hubs offer users a compact solution to support additional USB devices.

They require no software or complicated installation process. The plug and play 4-Port USB Strip and Pocket Hubs can transfer or back-up MP3s, digital photos, videos and more, with rates up to 480Mbps. The Strip and Pocket Hubs’ overvoltage protection prevents damage to the user’s computer in the event the peripheral USB devices short circuits, according to the folks at Satechi.
The 4-Port USB Strip Hub features a slim (0.7 x 0.7 x 3.3 inches), rectangular design, and the lightweight (1.4 oz.) 4-Port USB Pocket Hub sports a square design.  Both USB devices take up little to no desktop space and fit into a pocket, bag or purse. Additionally, the hubs can be used with game consoles in order to expand the number of connections available for controllers.  
The Satechi 4-Port USB Strip and Pocket Hubs are available for US$5.99 at and