Toddy Gear has announced seven new fall-inspired designs for the Wedge and 11 new designs for the Smart Cloth.

The Wedge is an accessory for an array of electronics, home items, and mobile products. It not only props your device — such as an iPad — up for optimal viewing at home or the office, but also delivers cleaning capabilities for germs, dust and oil. The bottom portion is crafted with a microfiber fabric.

The Smart Cloth is a pocket-friendly, dual-sided cleaning cloth for keeping items — including touchscreen devices, sunglasses, TV screens and automobile interiors — dirt and smudge free. Available in either 9×9 or 5×7 sizes, it features an antimicrobial coating, just as the Wedge, to also protect from microorganisms that contribute to mold and mildew.

The Wedge and Smart Cloth are available now in these 18 new design choices to complement the season. The Wedge can be purchased for US$14.99 and the Smart Cloth for $9.99 at,, Target and Radio Shack retail stores nationwide.