According to a new survey from OnDevice ( — as reported by “TechCrunch” ( — iOS 6 is actually leading to a decrease in satisfaction among iPhone users.

The research group’s survey of just under 16,000 iPhone owners in the U.S. found that compared to iOS 5, those with iOS 6 were slightly less satisfied with their devices. The drop is small, “but still noteworthy because On Device says this is the first time it’s seeing a drop in satisfaction,” notes “TechCrunch.”

“We have always seen an increase in device satisfaction as consumer upgrade their mobile operating system from one version to another,” On Device CEO Alistair Hill said. He added that especially compared to the jump between iOS 4 and iOS 5, which shows strong improvements, the drop from iOS 5 to iOS 6 seems especially unusual.

Consumers have not responded well to the replacement of Google Maps with Apple’s own mobile maps offering, which seems to be the primary source of a lot of frustration, “TechCrunch” points out.