The Apple iPhone 5 has generally met with overwhelmingly positive reviews. The company’s Maps app in iOS 6 … well, not so much.

Apple has ditched the Google Maps application offered in previous versions of iOS and included its homegrown app. However, the response hasn’t been kind. To wit:

° “Unlike the old version, the new Maps app doesn’t include transit directions. Instead, it points users to transit routing applications that they can download from Apple’s App Store. Unfortunately, there are no transit apps right now that are compatible with the newMaps app.” — “CSMonitor” (

° “Inaccuracies and misplaced towns and cities in Apple’s new map software have provoked anger from users.” — “BBC” (

° “Search results in both Japanese and English seem severely limited, especially when navigating in the latter. Major Tokyo landmarks and tourist spots can’t be found through search. English speakers won’t be able to find the Tokyo Tower nor the Rainbow Bridge. How about Hachiko, the popular meeting spot in Tokyo’s Shibuya neighborhood on the edge of the world’s most crowded pedestrian crossing? The map says it’s somewhere in Aichi prefecture about 200 miles away from the crazed intersection made famous by the film ‘Lost in Translation’.” — “Wall Street Journal” (

° Apple’s new Maps app is already facing criticism around the world over a slew of geographic errors. The app has been faulted for misidentifying cities, using incorrect icons, and even failing to display certain locations. Many of the complaints so far seem to be coming from Europe.” — “CNET” (