Wacom (www.wacom.com) has launched the Bamboo Stylus pocket, an US$34.95 compact and flexible stylus for smartphone, iPad and Android tablet users. The expandable stylus extends and contracts to fit specific needs. 

In the extended position, it’s designed for jotting notes or creating a quick sketch.  While contracted, the Stylus allows users to flick through emails, play games and navigate. Additionally, when fully collapsed, the Bamboo can be stored in a pocket, purse or directly to the user’s mobile device through the headphone jack plug attached to the Stylus’ cap.

The Bamboo Stylus comes with a headphone jack plug on its cap. Consumers are able to choose between a soft or firm nib (both included in the retail packaging) dependent on individual needs.

The Bamboo Stylus pocket connects with Bamboo Paper, an app for personal expression. The digital notebook for the iPad is suitable for a quick note, illustrating a presentation, displaying favorite family photographs or livening up a recipe.