The Joy Factory ( will launch a series of protective cases and accessories this month to complement the introduction of the iPhone 5. 

Eleven new case collections will soon enter the marketplace designed not only for the new thinner format, but also to support the way smartphone owners will use the device in their daily work and personal lives, says Sampson Yang, president of The Joy Factory and consumer electronics veteran.
The Joy Factory’s new iPhone 5 protective case collection will include the US$34.95 Denim (“a fashion-forward case is designed with premium denim material”), $39.95 New York New York (“ideal for life in the city or for those who view their phone as a fashion accessory); $34.95 Royce (which “features a luxurious synthetic leather exterior with a rose gold embellishment), $34.95 Daytona V (which “features a dual layer, interwoven watch band-style design”), $34.95 Airmax (which “offers three military-inspired camouflage patterns), $29.95 Tutti (which comes in “five brilliant color combinations”), $24.95 Jugar (“the soft-grip case is constructed with durable silicone, making it flexible for users to switch out their cases effortlessly”), $19.95 Madrid (“The Joy Factory’s slimmest and most lightweight case is constructed with ultra-protective polycarbonate material”), $29.95 Jamboree (“a classic clear back case with a textured bumper that maintains the original iPhone look and provides users with an extra comfortable grip surface”), $24.95 Alton (“this polycarbonate, lightweight cover highlights the sleek iPhone 5 design”) and $24.95 Cameron “a durable, soft case that is easy to grip and provides protection to the back and side phone surfaces”).

These products are currently available for pre-order at and most cases come with a reusable water-resistant BubbleShield sleeve and a Prism Screen protector for the iPhone 5. Shipments are slated to begin through major retailers and selected retail stores in late September.