JAW software ships ShaManX for MacOS X

GENOA, January 7, 2002

JAW software announced today the availability of ShaManX, an utility for OS X.

ShaManX is a nifty little OS X utility, still in development stage; the
current version allows you to:

– View the “man” pages of the underlying Unix core (as it’s a real pain
viewing them in a terminal window).
– Execute shell commands (only those that do not require additional user
– View some system configuration files.
– Do all of the above in multiple windows

– PPC processor
– MacOS X 10.1 or later

You can download it from the JAW software web site:


The software is available for free download (donation-ware).

JAW software develops consumer software for Mac OS and OS X and custom business
software, using 4D, C, C++ and REALbasic.

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