The Aristocrat Group Corp. (, a company that “turns opporunity into success with women’s lifestyle resources,” welcomed Apple’s introduction of the new iPhone 5 on Wednesday. The company expects that the mobile device’s huge projected sales will provide a major boon to e-book publishers, including ASCC and other digital content providers.

“In addition to its many other fun functions, the iPhone 5 will soon be one of the world’s most popular e-readers,” says ASCC CEO Cindy Morrissey. “The device’s new larger screen will help make reading e-books like the ones we’re planning to publish easier and more enjoyable than ever before.”

The new iPhone’s viewscreen will feature a 16:9 aspect ratio — a common display standard for many computer and television screens. It’s the same aspect ratio as Amazon’s popular Kindle Fire e-reader. The Kindle Fire and Apple iPad have already helped spark a major surge in e-book purchasing, and ASCC expects that the iPhone 5 will help continue that promising trend.