Cygnett ( has announced a range of cases for the iPhone 5. According to “We created a diverse range of cases for the year’s most popular electronic device,” said Sophie Swann, Cygnett’s creative & marketing director, they include:

° For the fashion conscious: the UrbanShield, Lavish and FlipWallet. The UrbanShield (pictured) comes in two forms: Brushed Aluminum (US$24.99) and genuine Carbon Fiber ($29.99). The Lavish is a slick leather flip case with a secure magnetic closure ($39.99). The FlipWallet ($39.99) is a minimalist microfiber folio case with stylish cash and card pockets designed to keep all your valuables secure.

° For the art enthusiast: The ICON Art Series. The ICON Art Series is a collaboration with some of the world’s leading artists: Aboriginal artist Ronnie Tjampitjinpa, Scarygirl creator Nathan Jurevicius and New York’s famed street artists Tats Cru. Each case has an exclusive design and costs $29.99.

° For the rough and tumble: the WorkMate and the Bulldozer. The WorkMate ($24.99), made from impact-resistant silicone and polycarbonate, is an extra-protective, impact resistant silicon design. Like its name, the Bulldozer ($18.99) is built rugged to handle tough treatment.

° The Classics: AeroGrip Feel, AeroGrip Form, Vector, Polygon and SecondSkin
Both the AeroGrip Feel and AeroGrip Form ($18.99) are polycarbonate snap-on cases featuring a rubberized and glossy finish. The Vector ($18.99) has a textured 3D pattern made from impact resistant material. The Polygon ($16.99) is a slim light weight case showcasing a triangular prism design. The SecondSkin ($16.99) is a soft silicone case that offers both protection and flexibility.