Oranged Software ( has released Studiometry 10.0, an upgrade for their business management software package for Mac OS X. The new version adds over 150 new features and improvements based on feedback from users.

Oranged has added the ability to assign and track Employee Roles for Projects, helping better organize each each employee’s purpose and responsibilities. You can automatically assign roles based on project type, and even display roles on invoices and reports.

Oranged has added a Weekly Timesheet feature that helps you both enter and visualize your daily and weekly work totals. You can modify daily hours while Studiometry does all of the filing and sorting for you in the background.

New invoicing features have been added in Studiometry 10. You can now merge items on your invoices. There are also new Combo Data Rows for templates, which let you display information for multiple types of data (such as work, taxes, totals) inline and consecutively.

Oother features have been added as well, including: Mountain Lion Notification Center support, Contact groups, Client specs, category display defaults, work and expense images, image library, visual template syncing, revamped timesheet window, display abilities for To Dos in Invoices and Reports, huge speed and stability improvements, new project template features, Blueprint improvements, and more.

Studiometry 10 costs US$199.95 for new users. Upgrades from version 9.x are $59.95. Bulk discounts are also available.