SmallTree ( has released the Titanium4 storage solution. It’s available in 8GB to 16GB models with pricing starting at US$7,345.

The Titanium4 is a video editing, shared-storage, Ethernet-based appliance with advanced file sharing capabilities. It’s designed to enable video editors with limited resources to focus on the task of editing videos and meeting their schedule requirements, according to the folks at SmallTree.

Server, networking, and storage features are all accommodated within the Titanium4’s space saving, desk top design. It’s a four-drive system supporting 2TB, 3TB or 4TB disk drives, combined with four GbE ports.

The Titanium4 supports a variety of editing software applications, including Adobe Creative Suite, Apple Final Cut 7, and Apple Final Cut Pro X. None of the Titanium products require any additional client or server licenses or metadata server(s).

The Titanium4 supports AFP (Apple File System), NFS (Network File System) and iSCSI which allows Windows, Linux, Macintosh and UNIX clients to share media files residing on TITANIUM4’s storage. It comes with: a built-in handle attached to a rugged case to stand up to the rigors of mobile requirements; support for RAID Level 0, 1, 5 and 10; variable speed fans that operate slow and quiet during light loads, increased fan speed during high demand periods; and a built-in power supply.