Apple won’t be releasing its own branded HDTV (the rumored “iTV”) due to the inability to strike the necessary deals with media companies and cable providers “who have little incentive to cede valuable revenue streams,” reports “Bloomberg” (, quoting an unnamed “person familiar with the company’s plans.”

“It’s not a nice, simple, easy story that Apple is going to come in and turn the world upside-down and we’re all going to live happily ever after,” Craig Moffett, an analyst with Sanford C. Bernstein & Co., who has been studying the cable industry for two decades, told “Bloomberg.” Moffett added that any notion that Apple could soon unveil its TV system “ignores the business realities that make this such a complicated industry.”

The article adds that, in recent negotiations, cable companies have wanted control over the software that determines the screen interface. Many pundits had been predicting an iTV late this year or in early 2013.