Easy Markdown is a new Mac OS X (10.7.3 or higher) that lets the user create web pages writing simple text using Markdown rules to create readable well formatted text.

A text written in Markdown is a simply text which looks correctly to humans as text and automatically translates in a correct web page. Using the markdown rules you create formatted text and automatically have web pages.

In Easy Markdown, the text written on the left (in normal text) becomes automatically a web page on the right of the window as-you-type. You immediately see the result and how it changes at any single keystroke.

Easy Markdown offers additional helps to create correctly formatted text page in accordance with markdown rules. The app recognizes any “start of line” markdown code inserted at any row and show it in the toolbar allowing to change it with a click (no coding required)

The user can create correctly formatted markdown text without remembering the markdown rules. At any time the user can see live the web page as it is generated and modified plus, if requested, also the html auto-generated code. Also, at any time the user can copy the resulting HTML code (to use it in other places or app) and can copy in addition also the RTF text to use it in other apps A custom CSS (Custom Style Sheet) can be used for the web page visualization; the used CSS it can changed at any time via a pop-up menu.

Easy Markdown costs US$ 5.99, though it’s been offered at a special launch price of $3.99 from the Mac App Store for a limited time.