January 8, 2007 – Austin, TX — Key Ovation, manufacturer of the
renowned Goldtouch line of ergonomic products, will unveil the new
Goldtouch for Mac adjustable ergonomic keyboard at Macworld 2007 in
San Francisco.

“The Mac user community has been waiting for years for a solution
like the Goldtouch for Mac,” says Christopher Lowe, Director of Sales
for Key Ovation (http://www.keyovation.com/). “There is no other
ergonomic keyboard on the market that offers the Mac user the range
of comfort and adjustability afforded by the Goldtouch for Mac.”

Designed specifically for the Mac user, the Goldtouch for Mac offers
superior adjustability due to the exclusive locking ball and socket
latch mechanism. The small, space-saving footprint of the Goldtouch
allows Mac users to bring the mouse inside their personal ergonomic
“comfort zone”. In addition, the Goldtouch for Mac features a new
soft-touch design that provides for very low activation force. This
allows those suffering from Repetitive Stress Injuries (RSIs), or
looking to prevent RSIs — either at home or in the workplace — to
use a keyboard that significantly reduces discomfort.

Of five keyboard-only reviews featured in the current January 2007
issue of Macworld, the Goldtouch for Mac keyboard was given the
highest rating (3 1/2 mice).

Starting in January, Key Ovation will run a pilot program with Apple
making available its Goldtouch Keyboard for retail purchase in
several high-volume Apple stores including Los Angeles, San
Francisco, Chicago and New York City.

“Apple has been recommending the Goldtouch to its own employees for
some time now,” says Peter Gilbert, CEO of Key Ovation. “Their desire
for us to produce a Mac-specific version for their personal use at
the corporate level drove us to take this product to market so that
Mac users around the world could enjoy the benefits of our adjustable
ergonomic keyboard in the office environment and at home.”

The Goldtouch for Mac keyboard will debut and be available for
purchase at Macworld at the Dr. Bott booth located at S1912, from
Tuesday, January 9, through Friday, January 12, 2007. The Goldtouch
for Mac keyboard is also available for purchase online
(http://www.keyovation.com/)directly from Key Ovation and

About Key Ovation

Headquartered in Austin, Texas, Key Ovation offers safety and
security solutions for the workplace that impact the bottom line and
create a healthier, more productive working environment. Key Ovation
is the manufacturer of the celebrated Goldtouch line of ergonomic
products for both home and office. Key Ovation’s Goldtouch product
line includes ErgoSuite, a bundling of ergonomically designed desktop
peripherals. Each device has been ergonomically engineered using
world-leading technology to help reduce repetitive stress injuries
(RSI). For more information, visit (http://www.keyovation.com).