Samsung said Tuesday it would fight’s attempt to ban the sale of some of its smartphones in the U.S. with “all necessary measures,” reports the “Wall Street Journal” (

After a California jury found that Samsung violated Apple patents for smartphone and tablet designs, Apple is asking for a ban on eight Samsung devices, reports “AppleInsider” (

The devices are: Galaxy S 4G, Galaxy S2 AT&T, Galaxy S2 Skyrocket, Galaxy S2 T-Mobile, Galaxy S2 Epic 4G, Galaxy S Showcase, Droid Charge and Galaxy Prevail. Cited in Apple’s filing for the bands as reasons for the injunction are a total of seven patents. Those inventions are the same ones that a jury determined last week have been infringed upon by Samsung’s mobile devices, notes “AppleInsider.”

The article adds that, in particular, the Galaxy S 4G has been found to have infringed on all seven patents cited by Apple: Design patents D’677 and D’3905; utility patents ‘915, ‘381 and ‘163; and two more trade dress patents.