Lightsoft releases LXT V2.00.

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Grantham, UK, April 22 1999. Lightsoft, makers of Fantasm (a
Macintosh assembly language development environment) announce the
immediate availability of Lightsoft Cross Translation (LXT) v2.00.

LXT is a 68K to PowerPC cross translator for Fantasm V5.1x and
upwards. It will translate 68K source code, including Mac OS system
calls to a PowerPC executable. It can also act as a general purpose
low level language for Macintosh offering both 68K and PowerPC output.

Version 2.00 adds improved PPC code generation, supports translation
of additional Mac OS calls and the ability to automatically generate
code that will detect illegal read/write operations at runtime; for
example writing out of the heap thus offering valuable runtime QA.

LXT is provided free of charge to Fantasm users.

More information and download is available at: