Here are the latest iPhone/iPod touch/iPod/iPad apps. You can find ’em at the Apple App Store (

Gogal Publishing Company has announced a GPS enabled iPhone and iPad app that guides baseball fans to all the professional baseball stadiums and provides team details at the touch of a button. GPS Baseball Parks 1.0 (US$1.99) lets users find and drive to more than 300 major and minor league ballparks across the country, with turn-by-turn directions to every major league and minor league baseball stadium in the U.S.

Synoptical Studios has released Lexual 1.0 for iOS. In the US$1.99 app, you touch letters from a grid to form words and rack up points. Longer words increase your multiplier. You can exploit high-scoring letters for even bigger scores.

Apps For All has introduced Spinr 1.0 for iOS. The $0.99 app offers a new way for users to browse their address book. Featuring an endless scrolling wheel with your contacts, Spinr lets users glance through the information regarding a contact and more.

Funky Bee Games has unleashed Funky Bee for iOS. The free game gives players the opportunity to go treasure hunting across dozens of diverse locations, play through mini-games, and put their thinking skills to the test throughout puzzle challenges.

Blackstrawman has unveiled Kit Quiz 1.1, a free football shirt game for iOS devices. The app features replicas of the best, worst, and most memorable teams across international football history.

Vertical Learning Labs has cooked up Chocolate Chip Cookie Factory: Place Value 1.0, its first educational math game for the iPad. In the $1.99 app, kids take on the role of owner of the Chocolate Chip Cookie Factory. Designed for first, second, and third graders, Chocolate Chip Cookie Factory: Place Value engages kids to explore, develop, and apply place value concepts as they work to fulfill and deliver increasingly complex cookie orders.

Auryn has published Mitzi’s World 1.0 for iPad the iPad. It’s a $3.99, seek-and-find app based upon the book “Mitzi’s World. Seek and Discover More Than 150 Details in 15 Works of Folk Art,” which was written by Deborah Raffin and illustrated by Jane Wooster Scott. The app animates the items as they’re found, causing them to sway and move.

“The Ultimate Guide to Charlie and the Chocolate Factory” is a $7.99, iOS app that, based on the children’s book, features over 20 crafts and activities, animations, games, recipes, videos, and more. A “lite” preview version is available for free.

To help people fit more photographs on their iPhone or iPad, iDownsize has given us the Downsize app ($0.99), which can compress individual photos or entire albums — purportedly without a noticeable change in quality.