Following the rumors that Apple is in the process of developing an iPad mini, purportedly due in stores later this year, the CouponCodes4u coupon code website conducted a survey of 1,873 Americans to discover whether or not size matters for consumers and if they’re more likely to purchase a smaller iPad or the latest iPhone 5 instead if and when they are launched.
Respondents were initially asked whether or not they owned an Apple product, to which 76% of those taking part said that they did. The majority, 64%, of these owned an iPhone of some sort, whilst 39% had an iPad and 31% had an iPod.
When asked, “Would you be more likely to purchase an iPad mini or an iPhone 5?” the majority, 78%, said “iPhone 5.” When asked why that would be their preferred choice, 46% felt that the iPad mini was “pointless,” while 39% said they would “use the iPhone 5 more.” Seventy-seven percent of those who would choose an iPhone 5 over an iPad mini were current iPhone owners. Similarly, 52% of those who would pick an iPad mini over an iPhone 5 were current iPad owners.
Those who said they would be more likely to buy an iPad mini were then asked to specify their reasons why, with over half 69% claiming that the iPhone 5 wouldn’t be all that different from the current iPhone 4S; 41% of respondents felt that Apple “shouldn’t follow” the current mini tablet trend.
According to the research, 21% of respondents said that they would purchase the iPad mini for their child/children. For more info go to .