Orbicule has released Undercover 5, an upgrade to its theft-recovery solution for the Macs. The update adds live tracking and keylogging.

Version 5 has the ability to track a stolen Mac in real-time: the completely redesigned web interface allows users to instantly snap and view mugshots of the thief whenever their stolen Mac is online. The same goes for screenshots and location information, allowing users and law enforcement to follow stolen Macs live.

In addition, Undercover 5 introduces keylogging, revealing everything a thief is typing on the stolen Mac, including his Facebook or Twitter account names, social security numbers, contact information, etc. What’s more, the Undercover recovery web app has been rewritten from scratch using SproutCore, giving users a rich, desktop-like experience, according to Orbicule President Peter Schol.

Undercover requires OS X Snow Leopard, Lion or Mountain Lion. It’s available at http://orbicule.com/undercover/mac. Version 5 is a free upgrade for all users that registered after Sept. 23 2010. Older versions of Undercover can be upgraded for US$19. An account costs $49 (one-time fee) for one Mac, or $59 for 5 Macs (household license). Student pricing is $39.