Oxford, UK

September 2nd, 2005

Softpress releases Preview of Freeway 4 Pro

Today Softpress released a Preview version of Freeway 4 Pro, the flagship
for the next generation of Softpress’ no-need-to-code website development
products. Freeway 4 Pro continues the tradition of offering professionals
the best possible design environment coupled with the most powerful tools
for the creation and assembly of Web content.

Among the host of new features:
* extended CSS layout capability–with support for absolute, relative
and fixed positioning, and fully hierarchical page layouts ,
* standards compliant XHTML output–both Strict and Transitional,
* Unicode support for multi-lingual sites,
* improved transparency/opacity handling,
* a wide range of new built-in graphical and type effects,
* and support for Apple’s Spotlight technology.

“With Freeway 4 Pro, designers can finally create fully standards-compliant
sites employing advanced CSS layouts,” commented Richard Logan, Softpress’
Managing Director. “They can even mix diverse character sets on the same
page, and there’s still no need to write any code.”


Freeway 4 Pro Preview is a fully functional trial expiring on the 16th of
October, 2005 and is available as a free download today from the Softpress
web site at http://www.softpress.com

Freeway 4 Pro will be available at the end of September for the competitive
price of $279 ($249 download). Further information on sales and upgrades is
available at http://www.softpress.com/F4prices


Freeway, famous for its ease-of-use and clean efficient code generation, is
the tool of choice for professionals and amateur Mac users who prefer to
focus on design, not code!


Softpress was founded in 1993 to address the emerging needs of professional
publishers and designers for new media authoring tools. Its head office is
in Oxford, England.